Please read Yoshi's story below


I have added this page to help families be reunited with their loved ones.  "Life happens" and bad things hit us when we are least expecting it.

Ever forget to shut a door all the way? Or close a gate to your backyard?  Has someone visiting you neglect to secure the exit?  It happens.  Even with our best efforts dogs get out.  If you ever have lost your beloved pet you know the feelings of fear, stress, anger, regret, guilt... the list goes on.

Often I hear from people asking if anyone has contacted me about their lost Shih Tzu or could they post information about a Shih Tzu they have found?

I decided to create this page to help those families in distress wanting and hoping for a reunion with their special family member.

If you recognize or have any information on any of the dogs posted on this page please contact me or the owner right away.

Please read this story maybe you can help.


 I found her June 21st, 2008 at a gas station on Hwy 75 in Denison, Texas. She was malnourished and covered in more fleas than I have ever seen on one dog and had no collar. I rescue dogs all the time and find them homes. I took her to an animal hospital and had her washed and dipped. I then put out the word that I had a full blood shih tzu for adoption. The next day I found someone to take her but they couldn't pick her up for a week. After three days I had made up my mind to keep her. She was housebroken, didn't bark, very obedient and responded to her name "Yoshi" almost immediately. She opens her own Christmas presents and loves to play with rabbits. She doesn't like other dogs but gets along with cats. When I found her I tried to locate her owners. None of the local Vets had ever seen her. The vet I originally took her to said she had recently had a litter of pups and that she was between the ages of 8 and 10. I have since had her spayed and she has gained a little to much weight, 20 pounds. I have theorized that she must have gotten out of someones car or her owner could have passed on. In any event I can tell that she misses them. I had a poodle who was a remarkable dog when I was a young man. She lived to be 18 yrs old. I was devastated when she died. My cat Winston took care of Babbett for the last four years of her life. He would guide her through the house, she was blind and arthritic. Winston also lived to be 18 yrs old and once again it was very difficult letting him go. Because of these two experiences of massive grief, even worse than when my parents  died, I chose not to ever have another cat or dog. I would just rescue animals and find them homes. Now here I am again with a dog that is quite remarkable. I am in the film business and have used her in several commercials. She was even in a Spanish Network Production that was broadcast throughout Europe. It would be tough to give Yoshi back to her owners after all this time. They have a lot of questions to answer. I must be sure that the condition that I found her in wasn't the result of someone not properly taking care of her. There have been some owners that I have returned dogs to that were of questionable merit. There it is, the story of Yoshi, maybe somebody out there will see her photo and call. My phone # is 903-624-3480. Thanks. Louis Pollaro 

Added August 18, 2010

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